About Us


Why Domestic Violence?

Our Executive Director and Founder, Rosalind Rayford, has calculated that our youth, teens, and young adults are becoming more involved in abusive relationships. These abusive relationships seems to have captured our daily living without knowledge of the fact that Domestic Violence is a crime. The earlier education is shared with our children and youth, the better chances they have of  recognizing and ending an abusive relationships and the cycle of Domestic Violence. The signs and the cycle of abuse is very clear. A change is to be introduced and it is our responsibility as a community to educate, raise awareness, and prevent the cycle of Domestic Violence. We Quote "The children are our future" Well let's band together and show them that we believe they are and provide education for the fight against Domestic Violence. 


Our Mission

LipGloss for Love has a mission to Educate, Raise Awareness, and Prevent Domestic Violence, while empowering individuals and families to address it within their lives, community, and society. 


Our Vision

Our vision is to assure that every participant regardless of age is able to understand the importance of how to live in a safe environment and know that abuse is not acceptable and Love Shouldn't Hurt.


Our Goal

Our goal is to provide domestic violence education to the youth and families of our community and put an end to the cycle of domestic violence.

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